Welcome to the Farm!

Her and I
Mer and I sitting in our field watching our goats

Welcome to the kPlace Farm and Ranchette. Our little slice of Wyoming heaven.

My Lovely Bride, Merideth (Mer), and I started our homesteading adventure in the Winter (Jan) of 2021 and have been on the go ever since. In 2018, Mer decided to start a business to embrace that vision thus Twine and Tumbleweeds was born. Since moving to our little farm we have since changed that name to The Rustic Barn Wyo to continue to bring her creative visions to life! She Designs, I build!.

With full time jobs in IT and our youngest son quickly outgrowing the nest (we have 3 total), we work hard to find time to build, create and refinish.  Living in the great plains of beautiful Wyoming with a dedicated craft/design shop on our property for anything she could imagine, We have added to our animal family so far with 3 dogs, 4 goats, and 9 chickens Oh, and 7 lizards.

My Wonderful Mother-In-Law has also joined us on this awesome adventure we are on! Stay tuned for our eventful adventures and enjoy our kPlace!

AJ (Handy Hubs)

What have we been up to?

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