Grilled Cheese Spaghetti Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese Spaghetti Sandwiches

OK, The featured image (image to the right) for this post is not mine, IT came from Pinterest. We ate them so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a final photo.

Grilled Cheese Spaghetti Sandwiches

Ok things you will need

  1. Package of Texas Toast garlic and buttered, you should be able to get fresh from your deli or frozen in the freezer section. If you get them from the freezer let them thaw out first
  2. Sliced mozzarella cheese
  3. Spaghetti noodles
  4. 1 can of spaghetti sauce. ( I use the hunts traditional can from Wal-Mart that is a $1.00)

What you do:

  1.  Get the noodles boiling just like you would making traditional Spaghetti,
  2. While noodles are cooking brown the hamburger ( the time it take to boil water and cook noodles they should be done close to the same time)
  3. heat up your spaghetti sauce
  4. At this point you may choose to mix your hamburger together with sauce or not, this time I did not because we had company that didn’t want hamburger

Ok now that everything is pretty much cooked lets get to making us a samich

Grilled Cheese Spaghetti Sandwiches
Grilled Cheese Spaghetti Sandwiches
  1. heat up a pan on medium heat
  2. brown one side of the Texas toast
  3. Flip one toast and start stacking
  4. Sauce, Hamburger, noodles and cheese
  5. Put the other toast on top  melty butter side up then flip and grill till golden brown
  6. Server and Enjoy!!!



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