Low Carb Mini Shrimp Tacos

Low Carb Mini Shrimp Tacos

Food Glorious food!!!

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating sticks and rocks (I bet they are high in carbs)

I bring you Low Carb Mini Shrimp Tacos! with cheese taco shells.

The Stuff:

  • 1 lb bag of medium or large shrimp defrosted and detailed –  Get this marinating per instruction on the packet, let set in the fridge for at least an hour.
  • Your choice of McCormick’s Grill Mates  seasoning (We like the Baja Citrus)
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • A tad bit of butter
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Coleslaw Mix
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Deli Cheese slices –  Any Flavor – ( don’t you the Kraft american singles use real cheese)
  • Fry Pan, Cookie Sheet and Parchment papaer

What to do:

  1. Heat up the oven to 350°
  2. Heat up a fry pan to medium heat, put in just s tab bit of butter with your garlic and suttee for a couple min
  3. Get that shrimp out of the fridge and put in the pan (shrimp only not juice) suttee for a couple min
  4. Add some of the marinade juice for “boiling and for taste” but don’t add it all
  5. turn down heat and let simmer for about 5 min stirring frequently
  6. Put a piece of parchment paper onto the cookie sheet and place you cheese slices on them
  7. Put in oven for 5 min (Stick to this 5 min) can be done the same time as cooking the shrimp
  8. after 5 min remove shrimp from stove and let rest.
  9. Remove cheese slices from oven and let rest until cool

Alright Coleslaw time

  1. put mix in a mixing bowl ( how ever much you want)
  2. Add Mayonnaise  (how ever much you want) until the cabbage is slightly to moderately coated
  3. Add salt, Pepper and Sriracha sauce to taste (remember Sriracha is spicy)
  4. Make sure its all mixed up

Server separately so each person can put as much or as little on their cheese tortilla as they want.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!

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