Low carb fried pickle chips

Low carb fried pickle chips

Had a great low carb dinner with the family.

We got lean ground beef patties that had Cheddar cheese and bacon cut up in them. We cooked them in the fry pan till brown on the outside.

Then we covered them in cream cheese, and sliced cheese ( Colby for her Swiss of me). Then topped with fried pickle chips and guacamole then served on a bed of assorted greens.

The pickle chips were the star of the show and really easy to make!

  1. First we got some good ol dill pickle chips ( searching for the lowest carb content of course)
  2. Then we chopped up some Pork rinds in the chopper to make the breading.
  3. Dipped the pickle chips in egg then covered with the ground up pork rinds
  4. Into the fry pan of olive oil! until crispy ( a mix between regular olive oil and Truffle flavored olive oil)


I cant wait to make these again! try then out and enjoy

Have any low carb ideas? let us know!


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