Salmon it’s what’s for dinner

Salmon it’s what’s for dinner

I know I have this buried in a post some where on here but we are going to rehash it!

This is my take way of cooking Salmon and Asparagus, it seems to have become a family favorite.

We have done several variety over the years, the seasoning step is completely up to you. we have done everything from Bulgogi sauce to standard Salt and pepper.

We use the frozen Wild Caught Salmon fillets from your local grocer. ( I prefer fresh wild caught salmon from Alaska but its hard to just make a quick trip before dinner) So here is the prep:


  • Defrost fillets you can let them sit out or put them in a bowl of lukewarm water, they will thaw in no time
  • Wash and pat dry Fillet
  • heat oven to 350°
  • Lightly Coat with Olive Oil
  • Season to your likeness, We usually use salt and pepper with some Steak and Chop seasoning ( Experiment with this all kinds of good stuff you can put on these fillets)
  • You  may also want to add some fresh sliced lemon on top of the fillet
  • place on foiled cookie sheet skin side down ( if de-skinned the flattest side)


  • Cut and wash, and let dry or pat dry
  • Put in a bowl and add about a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Bowl should have a lid or you can use a plate to cover the top as well.
  • Add your seasonings ( really what ever you want, we do a variety something different every time).
  • Put your lid on and shake till the stems are coated.
  • Place in front of you fillets on the cookie sheet

Place tray in the oven and cook for 13 min.

During this time you may want to make some 5 min rice or some quinoa.

Server right out of the oven

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