Danger Will Robinson – Trouble at the kPlace!

Ever vaporize your finger tips?

Yep this Is Handy Hubs doing stupid stuff!

As I was working in the shop one morning, Merideth, was in the design studio. I was making a picture frame for a wonderful print that we purchased from Steve Knox. Fantastic artist by the way, pay his page a visit. Anyway, I was cutting the frame out very hard hickory wood and yes, I was using a push stick on the table saw.

Although, while doing a dado cut I had my fingers on top of the piece of wood to keep it in the blade. Low and behold the hard piece of wood had a knot in it, and the blade caught that knot and threw it backwards. Of course the pressure I was putting on the board my Fingers went right in. You should have see the vapor of blood that came out.

So, naturally I yelled ah Sh#t I just cut my fingers off. Wife Bro-In-Law came running wrapped a dish towel around the appendages. Of course went to the ER. Mer driving the speed limit by the way 8 miles to the hospital. Geeze. No Stiches as there was nothing to sew back on broke the bone (more like ground) on my ring finger couple hour soak in iodine and bandages for weeks.

Always remember Shop Safety!


Update: 5/8/2024. My Fingers have healed albeit a little deformed and the fingernails grew back, However the nerves are dead and the finger tips are completely numb, Really make it hard to type now and play guitar (sad face). But at least I have the rest of my fingers. I have since bought new push sticks  specifically made for doing Dado cuts!


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